Our technicians will identify the insects most likely to invade your home’s interior. Best Cut Lawn's trained technicians use a proven, regular maintenance strategy to protect your home and family from bugs and the diseases they carry.

Our Perimeter Pest Control Services are applied to the exterior of your home. We treat your home’s foundation and other areas of entry to create a protective barrier that insects and bugs will avoid. You never need to worry about any treatments being sprayed in your home. This also means you don’t need to be home for our technicians to do their job.

With Perimeter Pest Control, your home will be protected from:
Ants including non-nesting carpenter ants, Boxelder bugs, Centipedes, Clover, mites, Crickets, Earwigs, Fleas, Millipedes, Silverfish, Sowbugs, 

Spiders, Ticks, And more



If you are like most homeowners, you are probably confused by all of the conflicting "advice" on mole & mouse control. You may believe that every rumor, home remedy, or control method is worth trying. A common example is when homeowners try to control lawn grubs and insects to reduce mole activity. However, this is often unsuccessful because the mole's primary food source is earthworms. In fact, many chemicals and home remedies (including castor oil derivatives and grub controls) are not only ineffective when dealing with moles, but they allow the animals time to establish and become real problems. Moles can quickly colonize and spread through adjacent residential properties if not handled properly. Because they need a well-established tunnel network to survive, control will be more difficult the longer they are allowed to tunnel and become habituated.

On large properties mole activity may move from one part of the lawn to another. This movement is affected by climate and ground moisture. Moles will respond to changes in food supply as different insects become available in different places and at different times throughout the year. If disturbed, moles may temporarily leave an area but will usually return when you least expect it. Even without disturbance mole activity may last only a week or two in a particular area. This here-today, gone-tomorrow behavior is probably the root of most of the misconceptions that make some home remedies and pesticides appear credible.

Complete Perimeter Pest Control & Mole Control Services

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