30 years of servicing West County Lawns. Weekly Mowing as low as $30.00. Trimming & edging included in our price. Free Mowings with season sign Up

complete lawn care

No Longer in business 1988 - 2018 

Core Aeration & Dethatching services. Overseeding with top of the line seed at the best prices. FREE soil test with service to get the PH level of the soil correct

We have a solution For all your Lawn & landscaping needs

fertilizer & weed control

Full service Mulching, Weeding, Leaf removal, Gutter cleaning, Power washing,  Bushes & Trees trimmed & Debris Haul away Included in our estimate.

Complete 6 step Organic Fertilizer Weed control packages. Family & Pet safe applications. Making lawns beautiful  and help the environment in the process.

mulch bushes trees more

aeration & overseeding

                        Thank you for 30 great years! 1988-2018                             We are No Longer in business